Study: Most children in China want to become astronauts, and in the US and the UK – bloggers

Chinese children are more interested in exploring other planets and space than their peers from Western countries.

In honor of the anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, Harris Insights & Analytics surveyed 3,000 children from the UK, USA and China about their attitude to space. The results showed that in Western countries, children are more interested in YouTube than in space flights.

  • When asked what they would like to be when they grow up, 3 out of 10 American and British children said they want to be bloggers on YouTube;
  • Less popular professions among American and British children were a teacher, a professional athlete and a musician. Only 11% chose the profession of astronaut;
  • In China, the astronaut profession, on the contrary, turned out to be the most popular – 56% of children chose it. Interest in the professions of a teacher, a musician and an athlete also showed a greater number of children than in the UK and the USA. 18% of respondents wanted to become bloggers;
  • Chinese children are most interested in space travel among all those surveyed, the researchers note. 96% of children thought that people would start living on other planets or in space, and 95% would like to move themselves;
  • In the UK, only 62% of children believe that people will explore other planets, and 63% would like to go into space themselves. In the US, 66% believe in space exploration, while they themselves wanted to move to another planet, 68%;
  • In general, 75% of children believe that people will begin to live in space or on other planets. 75% also would like to go into space.
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