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Russian Vice Prime Minister showed an electronic passport of a citizen of Russia. Their production will begin in 2020 year

The issue of paper passports will cease in 2022.

Vice-Premier Maxim Akimov showed how the e-passport of a Russian citizen will look like. According to RIA Novosti, he presented it after the meeting on the introduction of electronic certificates from Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The front side of the electronic passport photo: 
RIA Novosti

The test sample is the size of a bank card. Akimov assured that the new document will provide a much higher level of security, and its fake will be much more expensive than in the field of paper passports. It will use Russian cryptography with a QR code and holographic images.

The reverse side of the electronic passport photo: 
RIA Novosti

The document will contain data on residence, driver’s license, as well as information of SNILS and TIN. The validity of the certificate is 10 years.

The electronic passport will simplify interaction with government agencies, obtaining government and commercial services. An electronic passport certainly has other virtues — it’s harder to fake and very difficult to damage.Dmitry MedvedevRussian Prime Minister

Akimov said that the issuance of e-passports will begin in July 2020 in Moscow. Release of paper passports is planned to stop in 2022.

For the first time, the government discussed the issue of switching to e-passports in September 2013. Then the government approved the first idea of ​​the transition to electronic identity cards.

The current program is taking place within the framework of the national project “Digital Economy”.

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