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Pornhub announced an increase in search queries about aliens and “Area 51” against the backdrop of a comic idea of ​​storming the base

It seems that users began to prepare for the possible consequences of the meeting of aliens in advance.

Pornhub recorded a sharp increase in requests for “Zone 51” and “aliens” in mid-July. The service research team linked this to the popular idea of storming a secret base in Nevada.

Our statistics have found that thousands of visitors (from our planet) are already preparing to meet with alien life, testing all aspects of sex with aliens on Pornhub.
Pornhub representatives

According to the service, from July 12 to July 16 the number of requests for “Zone 51” increased from zero to 160 thousand. The most content on this request was searched July 16 – 59 thousand times.

Images here and hereafter – Pornhub

The newcomers to Pornhub have been searched before, but their popularity on the site has also grown. From July 14 to July 15, different variations of requests with aliens were searched for 200% more often than usual, and at the beginning of the month – 217% more often than usual. The most frequent request was “alien fertilization”, but “sex with a stranger”, “hentai with a stranger” and “newcomer-woman” also hit the top.

In Pornhub they also told, from which places they began to search for newcomers more often. The leaders in the world were the Czech Republic, Australia and Russia, while in the USA the largest increase in requests came from Alaska.

In addition, the researchers found that women are 33% more likely than men looking for videos with aliens. And users of any sex at the age from 18 to 24 years old do it 67% more often than other age groups.

The idea of ​​storming the “Zone 51” gained popularity in early July. The comic Facebook event gathered over a million participants who began to come up with serious plans to attack a secret base in the Nevada desert to learn the truth about aliens.

Information about the assault reached even the military. Just in case, the US Air Force warned that they are ready to meet “any guests”, and “Area 51” is a valid military base.

After that, the famous conspiracy theorist Bob Lazar, who published several books about “Zone 51”, said that the storming of the base is “a mistake”. According to him, 30 years ago alien technologies really were there, but since then the project has probably been shut down or moved to another place “a decade ago.”

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