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Notre Dame 3 months after the fire did not receive the promised large donations. Sponsors are afraid to give money without a goal.

The owners of Gucci and Louis Vuitton have not helped the cathedral yet. It is restored on private donations and money of funds.

Excavator in the preliminary work in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris Stephane de Sakutin

  • On April 15, the French Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris was partially burned . The fire was extinguished only on April 16, the supporting structures were not damaged, but by that time the roof and the spire had collapsed by the temple. Also, the oak frame of the cathedral and the 15th century organ burned down almost completely.
Fire in the cathedral notre dame de 
paris valdarrington

  • Less than a day after the fire, 600 million euros were raised for its restoration, writes The Guardian. For example, Francois-Henri Pino, the owner of Gucci, promised to allocate 100 million euros for the restoration of the temple, and Bernard Arnaud, president of the Louis Vuitton group of companies Moët Hennessy, said he would donate 200 million.
  • In the middle of June, two months after the fire, Andre Fino, a spokesman for the North-Dame de Paris, said that of the large donations promised, “not a cent was paid.” The reconstruction is sponsored by private donations and city funds.
  • The promised money had to go, among other things, to the salaries of the workers who were restoring the building, as well as the elimination of 300 tons of lead that melted during the burning of the roof and threatened with poisoning not only the workers who cleared the church, but also the inhabitants of the surrounding areas .
Culture Minister Frank Riester, second from left, listens to the Chief Architect for the Historic Buildings Philip Vilna in Notre Dame three months after the fire.  Stephane de sactin

  • According to Andre Fino, large sponsors are in no hurry to give money to rebuild the temple, because “they want to know exactly what the funds will go to and agree only if they are satisfied with everything, and this is not about workers’ wages.”
  • The LVMH group of companies and the Arnaud family stated that they are signing an agreement with the Notre Dame funds and “will make payments as the work is done”, the Pino family also plans to sponsor the reconstruction through the cathedral funds, and France’s main energy company Total will be ready to transfer money to the fund only after how to see the reconstruction project, writes AP.
  • Oliver de Challot, one of the experts on architecture in Notre Dame, said that there is no urgent need for sponsorship money yet. “The main decisions regarding the restoration of the spire and the roof will be made no earlier than 2020. That’s when we need the money. ”
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