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NATO “burned” 150 US nuclear bombs in Europe

According to a report by a member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, about 150 US nuclear bombs are located in secret bases in Europe. If you believe the document, they are located on bases in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey. It is reported by The Washington Post.

The initial version of the report “New era of nuclear deterrence? Modernization, control of armaments and Allied nuclear forces ”appeared on the network in April. It was compiled by the Canadian senator of the Committee on Defense and Security of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Joseph Day, and the document, among other things, contained a rather interesting point.

According to the report, there are six American and European bases in Europe, which in total store about 150 B61 bombs with nuclear warheads. The report also stated that “in the hypothetical case,” they can be delivered by any US or European strategic bomber. True, there were no references to the source of this information in the report.

And on July 11, a new version of the document appeared, in which there was not a word about the deployment of nuclear warheads and secret American bases. Instead, attention is focused on countries that are “referred to as operating such aircraft.” Information is given with reference to last year’s report of theAmerican non-governmental organization Nuclear Threat Initiative. The original version of “New Era …”  appeared on the website of the Belgian newspaper De Morgen. This published excerpt of the report is referenced by The Washington Post.

Senator Joseph Day said that it was only a draft of a future report, which he should present in November, and he took all the information from public sources. A NATO spokesman, who commented on condition of anonymity, said: “We do not comment on the details of NATO’s nuclear position.”  He added: “This is not an official NATO document,” noting that it was written by a member of the Parliamentary Assembly.

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