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Mem: The conversation with the traveler in time

He “spoils” important events from the future – the release of the eighth part of “Shrek”, the bloody massacre in “Zone 51” and the beginning of the Third World War.

In July, a meme spread in social networks, in which the time traveler accidentally reveals unexpected information about the future to the surprised hero. The joke originated on Twitter, became popular on Reddit and got to TikTok, transforming into a video format.

In February 2019, a Twitter user published a joke about a time traveler and the First World War. In early July, a meme with a similar design was posted on the MemeCenter website. Then the format got to Reddit. Soon, similar jokes spread through the social network – the r / dankmemes section was flooded for several days.

Time Traveler: “What year is it?” / Soldier: “1916, the middle of the Great War” / Time Traveler: “Oh, you mean World War I?”

The Know Your Meme suggested that the source of jokes became the scene of a Christmas episode of the tenth season of “Doctor Who,” in which the main character took a similar dialogue with the officer who fought in the First World War.

The time traveler usually arrives in 2019 and inadvertently tells of joyful or sad events that will happen in the future to an unsuspecting meme hero. In other jokes, the action takes place in the past, and the traveler tells the person about a historical event that is about to happen. The format consists of a dialogue and picture-reaction, which expresses surprise or confusion.

Time Traveler: “What year is it?” / Dude: “Donald Trump was just elected president” / Time Traveler: “2020?” / Dude:

Time Traveler: “I’m from the Future …” 
/ I: “Are they still performing K-Pop songs?” / Time Traveler: “What is K-Pop?” / “We won, Mr. Stark”

Time Traveler: “What is the best film now?” / I: “John Wick” / Time Traveler: “The Seventh or Eighth?” / I:

Time traveler moves to America: “Hey, what year is it?”

Time Traveler: “Who is this whore?” / I: “This is 
Belle Dolphin ” / Time Traveler: “Ah, chorus … Wait, do you mean President Dolphin?” / I: “Are you laughing?”

Time Traveler: “How many commercials are shown in front of a video on YouTube?” / 2005: “what” 

Time Traveler: “I Am from the Future” / I: “Is Nestle Still 
Existing ?” / 
Time Traveler : “What is Nestle?” / Me: “We Are Win, Mr. Stark”

Some users became obsessed with conspiracy and presented time traveler conversations with a CIA agent.

Time Traveler: “What year is it?” / CIA agent: “2001” / Time Traveler: “Before or after 9/11?” / CIA Agent: “Before” / Time Traveler: 

Time Traveler: “What year is it?” / CIA Agent: “1962” / Time Traveler: “Before or after John Kennedy was killed …” / CIA Agent: “Before” / Time Traveler:

Others continued to joke about the assault on “Zone 51” and asked memes about the results of raids on the US military base.

Time Traveler: “I am from late September 2019” / I: “The assault on Site 51 will go as planned?” / Time Traveler: “What do you think, where did I get this time machine?”

I: “Heard about Zone 51?” / Time Traveler: “Oh, do you mean Zone 69?” / “We won, Mr. Stark”

Time Traveler: “What year is it?” / I: “2019” / Time Traveler: “Oh, so after the slaughter in Zone 51?”

Me: “Do people still remember 9/11?” / Time Traveler: “Do you mean 9/20?” 

Soon the meme reached “VKontakte” – the publics actively translated the jokes and invented new ones using a foreign format. Members joked about the upcoming parts of Shrek and John Wyk, as well as about extinct dogs and the newly resurgent dinosaurs.

On July 12, the template reached TikTok, whose users rethought the meme in video format. As a soundtrack, they use the remix of “I Wanna Be Like You” by artist Rain. Surprise from the knowledge of the future, users demonstrate using a filter that enlarges the eyes and colors the face in blue and purple. The #TimeTravel hashtag clips have already gained over 100 million views.

Compiling clips from TikTok using the hashtag #TimeTravel

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