Intel promises to release 7-nm processors in 2021

Intel head Robert Swan announced plans to start mass production of processors on 7-nm technology in 2021. In addition, the top manager mentioned an “overly aggressive” policy with respect to 10-nm technology, which allowed AMD to take the lead. From the words of Swan, it follows that the law of Moore, who recently proclaimed “dead”, is still valid.

One of the problems was the desire of Intel to increase the density of the arrangement of transistors by 2.7 times, which turned out to be an extremely difficult task – more difficult than it was expected in the company. Therefore, Intel will abandon the experiments, returning to the usual increase in the density of transistor placement twice.

This will allow the company to finally bring 10-nm processors to the market, which, according to Intel, will be able to successfully compete with AMD 7-nm solutions. Like it or not, it is impossible to verify so far.

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