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In Florida, city officials scare homeless people off the terrace of a banquet hall with children’s songs.

Baby Shark and Raining Tacos play on repeat all night.

The authorities of the city of West Palm Beach in Florida at night include theBaby Shark and Raining Tacos children’s songs in front of the city’s banquet hall overlooking the Great Garden, hoping to drive the local homeless away from the outdoor terrace.

Leah Rockwell, director of parks and recreation areas at West Palm Beach, noted that with the help of songs they prevent the homeless from sleeping in front of the glass-covered banquet hall, which brings to the budget $ 240,000 a year thanks to weddings and other events. She added that the staff and guests of the hall “would not want to stumble over sleeping people.”

Rockwell also noted that the temporary measure will be used until the city sets a curfew near the building – then it will be easier for the police to enforce the laws on illegal entry into the territory.

“This is an effective measure necessary to make the territory accessible to tenants. Music is audible only if you are on the terrace – a small section in relation to the rest of the shore, ”said Jennifer Ferriol, director of the department of housing and communal construction.

The homeless Illaya Champion considers it “wrong” to drive people away with looped children’s songs: “They don’t bother me. I still lie there. But they are repeated and repeated, the same songs. ”

Megan Hustings , director of the National Coalition for the Rights of the Homeless , noted that the strategy of the city authorities is inhuman: “It’s terrible that we don’t respect our homeless neighbors so much. They just turn a blind eye to the people who are part of our community. ”

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