A notification appeared in FaceApp about uploading photos to the cloud for processing

Earlier, US citizens suggested that the Russian application collects data about users.

The creators of FaceApp added to the service notifications about the need to upload photos to the cloud for processing. This was reported by CNBC. It appeared after rumors in the American community that the application collects a library of photographs of American citizens.

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FaceApp is an application that uses neural networks to edit photos. The application re-gained a wave of popularity after the appearance of the aging filter.

US users are concerned about the safety of using FaceApp. The reason was a massive discussion of possible surveillance of people using face recognition technology. Citizens expressed fears that the application was created by Russian developers and suggested that in this way they could assemble a database of photos.

TechCrunch and Forbes journalists have partially refuted the fears of American citizens. They stated that there is not a single confirmation that FaceApp uploads photos to Russian servers. Snapshots are actually uploaded, but on servers located in the USA.

On the evening of July 17, the developers of FaceApp said that the application uploads only selected photos to the servers. According to them, most of the images are deleted after 48 hours. They also separately noted that the application is available without registration, so they do not have any data to compare photos with the user’s identity.

On July 18, the US Senator appealed to the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission to check FaceApp to provide confidential user data.

A flash mob with aging faces in FaceApp reached the USA. They thought about data security due to Russian applicationroots . 

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