7400 billion tons of artificial snow scientists suggest to dump on Antarctica

Some researchers believe that even a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere will not help humanity cope with climate change and the rise in sea level. They say that we have already crossed the dangerous line, having failed to agree and moderate our appetites. Therefore, the time has come for absurd ideas of salvation. For example, adopt snow cannons.

Such a proposal is contained in a new study published in the journal Science Advances . Climatologists conducted a massive geoengineering simulation to figure out how to strengthen glaciers on Earth. As a result, they came to the conclusion that a huge amount of artificial snow should be pumped onto the surface of the glaciers of Western Antarctica.

According to scientists, within ten years each year about 10 meters of snow should fall on the surface of glaciers. Only this will help stabilize their melting, if the situation with greenhouse gas emissions does not change. In concrete figures, this is about 7,400,000,000,000,000 kg, or 7,400,000,000,000 tons of snow. Pronounced like 7.4 trillion tons.

This will require a huge amount of clean renewable energy. Scientists estimate that it will take about 12,000 powerful wind turbines. But the transfer of such volumes of water can have unpredictable consequences: from a drop in sea level and to a complete change in current patterns, which in turn will lead to new climate threats.

– One of the processes that is currently unfolding in West Antarctica is caused by the warming of the ocean. All the sea ice of this region will melt in the ocean, ”said Potsdam Institute climate scientist Anders Levermann. – There is no alternative to carbon emission to zero. But even without further warming, we have done serious damage to the planet.

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