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13 people died in a fire in an anime studio in the Japanese city of Kyoto, 40 were injured

Police are considering the arson version.

Snapshot of Kyodo agency

During a fire in the animation studio Kyoto Animation in the Japanese city of Kyoto, 13 people were killed, at least 40 were injured. This was reported by the agency Kyodo, citing data from the police and rescuers.

According to investigators, the fire was made by a 41-year-old man, he sprayed a flammable liquid in the building and shouted “Die.” He was found among the victims and taken to the hospital, where he confessed to the crime. Eyewitnesses said they heard a series of explosions, after which black smoke came from the building.


An unknown man committed arson of the famous anime studio Kyoto animation in Kyoto. He entered the building, poured some liquid and set it on fire. As a result of the fire, dozens of people suffered, at least 23 people, according to Japan Today , died or their fate is still unknown. Some of the victims were unconscious and with serious burns, reports Japan Times .

Many bodies were found on the second floor of the three-story headquarters of Kyoto Animation Co. A knife was also found at the scene. The 41-year-old arsonist, who was found among the victims, was taken to hospital. Eyewitnesses report clapping followed by smoke, as well as traces of blood.

Studio Kyoto Animation is known for its work such as the animated films “Voice Form” and “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya”, the TV series “Violet Evergarden”, “Klannad”, “Keion!” And others.

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