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The creators of Prisma launched a group messenger Capture. It is based on a camera image or location data.

So far, the application is available only on iOS and as a web application.

The creators of the photo service Prisma Aram Hardy and Alexey Moiseenkov released the group messenger Capture. It allows you to create group conversations based on camera images or location information.

When you start the application, the camera is able to recognize objects located in the frame and offer the user a chat on the relevant topic. When you hover the camera on the TV, chat rooms are offered to discuss watching a program. If you point the camera at the computer, the application will offer conversations on the topic of IT-technologies.

We believe in a narrow Internet space where everyone can find their own community and discuss absolutely any topic. With the help of artificial intelligence algorithms, we can offer relevant chats by analyzing the image from the camera or the location of the user.Alexey MoiseenkovCo-founder and CEO Capture

As for discussions on the basis of geolocation, the application will prompt the user to join the dialogues of the events closest to him. For example exhibitions or concerts.

Co-founder of the application Aram Hardy told TechCrunch that they will seriously develop the entertainment industry. Developers will encourage discussion of movies, TV shows and everything else. Their goal is for Capture users to discuss everything while browsing.

All chats can be created with certain privacy settings. They can be completely open or closed. During communication, users will not be able to delete their posts. This can only be done by the administrator.

Also in the application will be the function of connecting with a random interlocutor to communicate in a tete-a-tete. Personal messages and a list of friends in it will not be.

You can register with Capture without linking email, phone number and other data. If the user wants to use a permanent account, he can link an email to the account.

The developers noted that they did not want a viral explosion of popularity, but controlled growth. They want to focus on the sequential release of updates, which will help increase the usage time of the application.

Capture is now available on iOS and as a web application. In the next few months, the developers promise to release a version for Android.

Moiseenkov and Hardy founded Capture Technologies in the summer of 2018, after leaving Prisma photo service. During the week, the company attracted $ 1 million in investment.

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