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Songs, tips, recipes, dating: Russian-speaking users have launched the local Internet in Lady Gaga’s instagram

Lady Gaga Reportedly Attacked By Russian Trolls Over Bradley Cooper

It all started with revenge for the fact that the singer “stole” Bradley Cooper from the Russian model Irina Shayk. Now, in the comments, they learn to cook soup and sell cars.

Russian-speaking users have launched a flash mob in Lady Gaga’s instagram . It all started with complaints about the fact that the actor Bradley Cooper left the model of Irina Shayk to the singer. Soon, commentators began to joke, share recipes and give advice, turning the account into a “local Russian Internet”, which was later joined by Russian celebrities.

Initially, Lady Gaga began to insult her instagram comments – this is how Russian-speaking users discussed the rumor that Bradley Cooper broke up with Russian model Irina Shayk and began a relationship with the singer. Cooper and Shayk met since April 2015 and have a child in common. In early June 2019, the tabloids reported that Shayk broke up with Cooper and moved away from him, and on July 12 they launched a rumor that Gaga had moved to the actor’s mansion.

On July 11, Gaga published a standard advertising post for cosmetics, under which the defenders Shayk gathered in the comments the next day. They called the singer “a separated girl” and claimed that “you cannot build happiness on someone else’s misfortune”. Some sincerely resented the behavior of Gaga, but the majority sneered at the situation. Even then, users were surprised at the number of Russian speakers in the comments under the publications of the American singer.

Some users called themselves “gowns”, and Cooper – “drunkard.” They probably belong to “anti-communities” who gather celebrity rumors and leave negative comments on their pages. The Instagram Private Admin Anshlak account is maintained on Instagram , where gossip about the life of stars is published. His subscribers ironically call themselves dressing gowns, hinting at the stereotypical image of a housewife, and their partners as drunks.

Soon, users were distracted from the personal lives of Gaga, Cooper and Shayk, and began to discuss everything. They began to share recipes, lyrics and absurd household tips, and use comments instead of a search engine.

Comments under the last five publications of Gaga turned into a Russian-language chat – users ironically asked random advice: whether a singer can get a Schengen account or sign up for a doctor. The local meme was questions about bears – a reference to the stereotypical image of Russia.

Commentators also laid out their dating profiles, called for signing petitions for the conservation status of Lake Baikal and fighting dumps at Shies station , discussing pension reform and telling how to choose the right avocado. Many were amazed that such an insignificant rumor could “unite” the citizens of the CIS.

Probably, the representatives of Lady Gaga, who are engaged in maintaining the account, noticed a huge number of Russian-language comments hundreds of times larger than the English-language comments and tried to get rid of them. But commentators paid attention to this and began to leave even more posts.

On July 16, Russian celebrities came to the new post of Gagi – comedians Garik Kharlamov, Mikhail Galustyan, Garik Martirosyan, Sergey Zhukov from the Hands Up group, actress Evelina Blödans, businessman Dmitry Portnyagin, model Julia Rybakova and TV presenter Nelli Ermolaeva. They played along to the participants of the flash mob: they asked random questions and recalled Irina Shayk.

Western tabloids called the Russian flash mob troll attack on the singer, demanding to “bring Cooper back.” By July 17, under the last post of Gaga, almost 200 thousand comments had accumulated – ten times more than in other publications.

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