Robot “Fedor” renamed before flying into space

The Russian robot “Fedor” received a new name before the flight into space – Skybot F-850, now it has been delivered to the rocket-space corporation “Energia” for pre-flight checks, RIA Novosti reports . “The anthropomorphic robot avatar Skybot F-850 and its control equipment have been delivered to RSC Energia,” the official message sounds.

Energia is the operator of the Russian segment of the ISS and the manufacturer of the Soyuz spacecraft, on one of which Fedor will fly.

Specialists assessed the functioning of the robot systems, tested the virtual reality glasses and the exoskeleton (control suit that the operator puts on), checked the tasks that the robot avatar would perform onboard the ISS.

The first Russian “cyber cosmonaut” is to fly on the ISS on August 22 on the Soyuz MS-14 unmanned spacecraft. It will be assigned to the Russian segment of the station, where the Skybot F-850 will work.

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