Google officially stopped working on the Dragonfly search engine for China. The project should have taken into account censorship in the country.

This is the first official statement about the cancellation of the project, which even the Google team doubted.

Google’s vice-president for government and public relations, Karan Bhatia, confirmed at a hearing in the US Senate that the company had stopped work on the Dragonfly search engine for China, which would take into account the rules of censorship in the country. He said this, answering the question of Republican Senator Josh Hawley about what the company is doing in China, writes BuzzFeed.

We have no plans to launch a search engine in China, we are not working on such a project.

Karan Bhatiagoogle government and public relations vice president

Bhatia approval is the first official statement to stop working on Dragonfly. However, employees of the company doubted the prospects of the initiative earlier . Amnesty Internetional activists spoke against the search engine with censorship , and some Google employees later supported them .

Media reported that the company tried to develop a search engine that would meet the Chinese laws on state censorship, but in December 2018 this project was abandoned .

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, speaking at a national conservative conference in Washington on July 14, accused Google of a “obviously treacherous” deal with China. He referred to the Dragonfly project and the company’s decision not to renew the contract for creating image recognition systems for military drones with the US military. US President Donald Trump became interested in Till’s statements.

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