Field and cyborg crocodiles: first shots of the fourth season of “Rica and Morty”

Rejoice, Rica and Morty fans! Entertainment Weekly published the first two shots from the upcoming fourth season. True, there is nothing to look at. 

In the first picture we see Rick on a field of yellow plants on another fancy planet. He seems calm and peaceful that doesn’t really fit with his usual mood. Knowing the love of the authors of the series for references to popular culture, one might think that this scene is a hint of a similar one from Gladiator with Russell Crowe.

The second frame seems more informative. On it, we see Rick surrounded by upright erect crocodile-cyborgs. Their appearance resembles the character of Krokubot from the fourth series of the third season of the series “Vindikatory 3: The Return of the Lightman”.

Recall that in March last year on Twitter, Dan Harmon, one of the creators of the series, said that the Cartoon Network did not extend it for the fourth season (at the moment that tweet has already been removed). However, on May 10, his colleague, Justin Royland, in the same Twitter shared the news that the series was extended by as much as 70 episodes, that is, about 6-7 seasons. And on May 15, already this year, a teaser for the fourth season appeared on the Adult Swim channel . New adventures of Rick and Morty should see the light in November 2019, that is, two years after the end of the previous season.

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