At CES 2020 will be allowed to represent sex toys. In 2019, a similar device was disqualified for “obscenity”

Sex toys will add “on an experimental basis for one year.” At the same time, they should be “innovative”, and not “ordinary vibrators”.

At the largest annual technology conference CES in 2020 will be allowed to represent sex toys, reported The Verge. In 2019, CES awarded a female “smart” sex toy, but then the device was disqualified for “obscenity”. The head of the company accused the exhibition managers of double standards and gender bias.

Sex toys fall into the Health and Well-Being category. The US Consumer Technology Association (CTA) company, which organizes CES, noted that sex toys will be included for “one year on an experimental basis” to see if they fit the category.

To get to the exhibition, sex toys must be “innovative and include new technologies.” “We do not want to see a bunch of ordinary vibrators,” said KES Chupka, head of CES.

The representative of the manufacturer of sex toys, Lora DiCarlo, whose award was selected in 2019, commented on the decision: “We are glad to hear that the CTA took into account our recommendations and drafts for changing the rules that we proposed.” The company is going to participate in CES 2020 and notes that “it is optimistic about the step in the right direction.”

CTA also updated the CES dress code rules. Now participants are not allowed to wear “candid outfits or clothes that can be considered underwear.” Violators will be punished by lowering the rank at the exhibition. The Verge noted that in this way managers are trying to fight with companies that hire models in revealing clothes, so that they draw attention to the stands.

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