Apple introduced emoji dedicated to people with disabilities. Among them – bionic arm and guide dog

New pictograms are presented as part of World Emoji Day.

Here and below – 
Apple images

Apple introduced several new Emoji, which are designed to highlight the diversity of society. New pictograms will be available to users this fall.

Among others in the new list appeared emoji, denoting people with disabilities. Among them are images of people in a wheelchair, crutches and hearing aid, guide dogs and bionic limbs

Also in the list of icons will add variations with all the colors of the skin for Emoji “Hold hands” – only 75 images. In addition, a list of animal images will be added to, for example, flamingos and orangutans, and food – waffles, garlic, oil and falafel.

Apple noted that the new icons do not represent all forms of disability, but called them the starting point for a better demonstration of the diversity of the world among emoji.

New images of the company presented in the framework of World Emoji Day. It is unofficially celebrated on July 17th – this date is “set” on the pictogram designating the calendar.

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