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A British student gave a lecture on feminism in Krasnoyarsk. She was fined for violating immigration rules

The police said that she came to Russia on a tourist visa, and she could not make public speeches.

Krasnoyarsk police fined Cambridge student Harriet Phillips for 2,000 rubles. The girl tried to give a lecture on feminism, but the public speech does not match her stated purpose of the visit – she arrived in Russia on a tourist visa, clarified in the press service of the regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the “Prospect Mira”, the policemen appeared half an hour after the lecture “Feminism in the modern world – who needs it and why is it needed?” And started shooting it on camera. Then they interrupted the performance and announced a break to clarify the circumstances.

The publication indicates that Phillips came from Cambridge to St. Petersburg for exchange studies. The police noted that they did not detain her and released her after drawing up a protocol.

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