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The head of the vape company “regrets” that teenagers are addicted to steam generators

The executive director of Juul Labs, Kevin Burns, in an interview with CNBC spoke on the topic of long-standing accusations towards the manufacturers of electronic steam generators – they say, more and more young people are sitting on the wipes. The head of one of the most successful companies in this industry said that he “regrets” that children are addicted to their products.

Juul takes about 40% of the electronic steam generator market in the United States. American regulators are concerned about the popularity of such products among young people: the Food and Drug Administration called wipes “epidemic” among adolescents – last year 21% of American high school students “soared”.

Burns turned to the parents of teenagers and noted that he was sorry if the children used steam generators. The businessman also stated that he himself has a child of sixteen years old and he understands the full extent of the problem. In addition, Juul supports increasing the age for selling tobacco products (including wipes) to 21 years old – the company’s reputation suffers because of the popularity of its products among young people.

Pediatricians are against Juul: for example, Stanford University professor Bonnie Halpern-Felscher said that Juul is particularly addictive because of the “astronomical” nicotine content.

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