The Ghost Inside four years later returned to the scene – they played the first concert after a car accident

A rock band of five participants fell into a tragic accident in 2015 and just now resumed their careers.

from the first concert of  The Ghost Inside after the tragedy  @theghostinside

July 13 in Los Angeles, the rock band The Ghost Inside held the first concert after the accident, which occurred in November 2015 in Texas. The collision of a tour bus with a truck killed the drivers of vehicles, several members of the group received serious injuries.

Video from the concert of the rock band The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside after the accident took a career break for four years. One of the main reasons was the injury of the drummer of the band: Andrew Tkachik spent ten days in a coma, and also lost a leg. He spent more than a year restoring and treating multiple fractures, damaged ligaments and nerves. Doctors claimed that Tkachik could no longer play the drums, but he returned to them contrary to forecasts. In many ways, he was helped by his father, who reworked the installation in the garage so that the musician could rehearse after the operation.

Won’t let this stop me. I don’t care what [the doctors] say. There is a long way ahead, but I will play the drums again. Can’t wait to go back to the drum set.

Andrew Tkachik drummer, quote from his instagram @illgrip

In August 2018, Andrew shared a video where he plays the drums after the amputation of his right leg. The drummer wrote that he was close to the level of performance before the accident.

Tkachik began to work hard on himself: he strengthened his left leg and put the prosthesis on his right. Drummer The Ghost Inside soon after the recovery releasedComa Visions EP from its new project One Decade .

Guitarist Zach Johnson, who was in critical condition and lost two toes. The musician experienced eight operations and in January 2016 he was discharged from the hospital. In March, Zach said that he had undergone a course of treatment and no longer needed injections.

The vocalist of the group, Jonathan Vigil, like his two colleagues, was also seriously injured in the accident. In one of the posts on Instagram, he listed his injuries – a broken neck, spine, knee and ankle damage, numerous scars and abrasions. In February 2016 the musician wrote on Twitter that “in spite of everything, I am pleased for myself and the rest of the survivors, because it could have ended much worse.”

Funds to help the group after the accident were collected on the GoFundMe platform. The organizers of the collection noted that the bus driver had children, and hoped that the money raised would cover the cost of his funeral. Participants of The Ghost Inside not only received serious injuries in an accident, but also lost all the equipment. As a result, the donated 160 thousand dollars covered medical expenses and damage from the loss of equipment.

Colleagues from the team took part in the campaign . The rock band Bring Me The Horizon, which performed together with The Ghost Inside, donated 10 thousand dollars from the sales of merchandise during the tour. The Architects group made adonation of $ 1,000.

Back in 2018, members of The Ghost Inside said they were hoping for a return of the group. However, they noted that they doubted specific next steps.

It can be one show, maybe several shows. This could be a new song or a brand new album. Our journey to this future is just beginning, and we will take with us everyone who is interested in it.

The ghost inside group, quote from kerrang

In January, The Ghost Inside published the first for years photos of group members from the studio.

In February, the group posted a teaser with shots of rehearsals and fragments from the lives of musicians.

The first after a four-year break the group’s concert was called “Final Show” (“Final Show”). The band performed 19 tracks , two of which had never been played live before. The concert was held at the Shrine Auditorium, where Elvis Presley had previously performed, conducted the Grammy Award ceremony and the BET Awards. The group has not planned any other speeches yet.

Video from the last concert of the group, which took place on July 13

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