The designer showed the concept of “tablet smartphone” Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold

Smartphones with curving screens are just beginning to gain popularity – there are currently no mass commercial samples on the market, but they are about to appear. Designers continue to explore a new direction, offering their vision of such devices. At this time, got Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold, received embodiment in the renderers from Techconfigurations .

If desired, the name can be changed to Sony Xperia Note Flex, Samsung Galaxy S13 Fold or Huawei Mate XX – they may look the same, as the design code is usually not respected in such projects.

The device looks attractive on the images, but from a technological point of view, such an ideal is hardly attainable – at least this concerns the screen, which is characterized by creases and other structural artifacts (judging by the prototypes and the announced bending Huawei and Samsung smartphones).

Describing the technical characteristics of the concept also does not make sense: they can be any. In Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold, Snapdragon 865 and 12 GB of RAM were stuffed, the price was set at $ 1,000.

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