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The biggest jellyfish filmed off the coast of England

In the English Channel last weekend, Lizzy Daly faced a huge jellyfish face to face. This particular representative of the species of the jellyfish Cornerot (or Barrel Jellyfish) turned out to be the largest of the relatives, which were previously met by researchers in the waters of Britain, the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Black Seas.

“It was exciting, ” the Daily Insider quoted as saying . – We dived for about half an hour, until this huge jellyfish appeared from the muddy water. I have never met such a huge jellyfish. She was about the size of me.

Typically, the dome in representatives of this species does not exceed 90 cm in diameter, whereas in this particular specimen it was about one and a half meters. Researchers watched this jellyfish for about an hour. It is not dangerous to humans, and uses its stinging processes only for protection from predators.

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