The actress of the film “The Avengers: Final” posted a sunset and got a scolding from the protection of the studio

Film studios are still paranoid when making new films. Emma Furmann, who sang Cassie Lang in the blockbuster Avengers: The Finals, spoke about an unpleasant episode after the girl published a more than harmless Instagram photo.

Furmann arrived at the shooting of scenes in Atlanta, saw a beautiful sunset and could not resist: she took a photo and posted a picture. At the same time indicated geolocation: “Atlanta, Georgia.” Soon, the film studio security came to her with a serious talk. The head of security and said that such pictures can not be published. The girl did not understand the claim at first: in the caption to the picture she did not even indicate which film she was working on.

But the representative of the security was unhappy with the other – an indication of geolocation. Such films are made in an atmosphere of complete secrecy, and strangers should not break into the filming. Moreover, as admitted in the Marvel security service, Furmann was not the first actor of the Avengers, who was warned about a similar violation.

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