Shopping center inside the real mall of the 80s: why Starcourt from “Very strange cases” came out so authentic

Netflix recreated 40 retro stores inside an old mall.

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Starcourt Mall shopping center became the main location of the third season of “Very strange things” and turned out to be very realistic. As it turned out, this is not exactly a decoration: Netflix created a mall inside the present Gwinnett Place Mall in Georgia, built in 1984. It is now closed, but several fans snuck in and filmed it from the inside.

According to fans, Netflix built 40 shooting houses inside the mall, including retro versions of existing ones, such as Burger King and Hot Dog on a Stick. For the series including reproduced uniforms of those years.

Some institutions have come up specifically for the show. For example, Scoops Ahoy, where Robin and Steve worked. At the same time, only a part of the restaurant is visible in the series, which is actually made in the shape of a boat.

As fans found, in addition to the stores where the show took place, decorators in detail reproduced at least six more stores that did not appear in the frame. They were even filled with products of those times. For example, in the electronics store there are devices from the 80s, and in the furniture – chairs and lamps.

One of the stores that did not get into the frame was the video game store The Game Player, located to the right of the cinema. Inside the store you can see old game consoles, games, and advertising consoles of those times.

This is an unusual decision – most often on the set of sites they build the minimum necessary for the shooting. Probably, the team has built additional stores to allow freedom of action, without thinking about the background in the frame.

Another unused establishment was the WixandStix candle shop. In the Netflix podcast about the shooting of the series, decorator Jess Royal told us that they wanted to put the store in the script, but in the end he didn’t even get into the final editing. Royal also explained that the album with pictures of the shopping center from the 80s greatly helped the production team in reproducing the shopping center.

Apparently, after the end of the filming, Netflix did not immediately begin to sort out the scenery. According to the director of the local tourism council, the company initially wanted to make it a permanent landmark, but for some reason changed its mind.

As noted at The Verge, this could help a dying mall. Most retail space at Gwinnett Place Mall has long been empty, and apparently, almost no one goes to the mall. In February 2019, local media reported that the building could be sold and turned into a cricket stadium for 20,000 seats.

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