Replacing Android from Huawei will be called “Harmony”

US sanctions against Huawei have weakened a little, but the company understands that at any moment the worst scenario of working with American companies can happen again. Therefore, the company does not stop working on its own operating system for mobile and desktop systems. Recently, the company filed anapplication for registration of a trademark in Europe.

According to the European Union’s Bureau of Intellectual Property, Huawei’s mobile and desktop OS will be called Harmony. The application for registration of a trademark was filed on July 12 and is now under consideration. And judging by the fact that they register “Harmony” for both mobile and desktop systems, it may well turn out to be cross-platform. This will reduce the dependence on both Android and Windows.

Historically, for all polls of alternative mobile OS, things were not going very well: Firefox OS, Samsung Tizen, Bada OS, Ubuntu Touch, Windows Phone and many others have faded into oblivion.

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