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Reddit users have declared Nestle meme-war. Previously, the company was accused of taking water from poor areas during droughts

The social network recalled the quotation a decade ago of the former director of the corporation – he considered the right to water “excessive.”

In mid-July, Reddit recalled the scandals associated with Nestle: their former director called the human right to water “excessive”, and the company was accused of taking water from poor areas and selling it to local residents at a high price. Despite the fact that about the dubious practices of the company has long been known, users began to actively distribute jokes about the “evil corporation” on the social network.

Nestle, the best-known chocolatemaker, also spills bottled water under the Perrier, San Pellegrino and Pure Life brands. In recent years, the corporation has often been accused of controversial water abstraction practices – residents of Michigan and California complained that Nestle is extracting water without proper permits and harming the environment.

Nestle also produces goods in times of lack of clean water among residents. For example, in 2017, the California government accused the company of water intake during the drought. In 2018, the company pumped water from a reservation near Toronto, whose residents lacked clean drinking water.

On July 11, Reddit user published a meme with Lisa Simpson, in which he accused the company of other inhuman acts: “Nestlé is a terrible company that takes water from residents of a Pakistani village and refuses to give them access to water. They allow them to pump water only if they buy it from Nestle. They also deceived mothers by advertising baby food, which caused babies to die. If Reddit wants to hate any company, then Nestle deserves it. ” The post quickly gained popularity and spawned new memes about the “evil corporation.”

Mentioning baby food, a Reddit user hinted at Nestle activities in the 1970s, when the company forced nursing mothers to switch to expensive baby food with inaccurate advertising and representatives dressed as nurses. When mothers went on food, they could not return to breastfeeding and were forced to buy the product in order not to put children at risk of starvation.

Since 1998, Nestle has produced bottled water in Pakistan. In 2005, researchers studied the impact of water abstraction on the quality of life of local residents and concluded that they cannot afford to buy bottled water, and its production drains local rivers. Against the background of constant droughts, non-profit organizations demanded that water be recognized as a universal global good. In 2013, residents of a Pakistani village fell ill due to the fact that they were forced to drink dirty water, because Nestle dried up their source of water supply.

In the 2005 documentary feed We Feed the People, then head of the company Peter Brabeck-Letmathe called the idea of ​​giving people the right to water “excessive”: “Non-profit organizations are demanding that the right to water be recognized as public. This means that people should have the right to water. This is an extreme measure to solve the problem. ” In the memes, users recalled Nestle this expression.

Steal from the villagers and sell them their own stuff / Nestle / Minecraft players

When you realize that Nestle is also responsible for the destruction of the forests of orangutans for the sake of growing palm oil

Nestle, when he sees people drinking free water: “Nothingness”

Nestle, when they were asked why their water tasted so shitty: “The secret ingredient is a crime”

Nestle: “You can not defeat me” / Universal decency: “I know, but they can” / Users Reddit

Africans – water / Nestle – Africans – water

Be the worst company

* Residents of a Pakistani village are trying to drink their own water * / Nestle: “I’m forced to stop you right now”

What is wrong with these satanic symbols

Nestle: Improving the quality of life and contributing to a healthy future / Doubt

Village: “Can we get water, please, we die” / Nestle: No

Nestle, when they hear people say that water should be a basic human right: [anger]
Nestle: * rapes sources of water for the sake of millions of profits * / The head of Nestle after the question of human rights: “This is not my damn problem”

Where is my water? 

Part of the memes related to the upcoming assault on “Zone 51” – users suggested first to practice at the offices of Nestle, and then attack the US military base.

Reddit: “How about making a test assault on Nestle in front of Zone 51” / Nestle:

My alien from Zone 51 after I told him about Nestlé: “Tell me you’re kidding.”

Europeans need to storm the main office of Nestle in Switzerland, while the Americans raid the “Area 51”

Nestle notices how Reddit slowly switches from Zone 51 to them.

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