Qualcomm Improves Snapdragon 855 Chip for Gaming Smartphones

Qualcomm refreshed its Snapdragon 855 flagship chip, which is installed in many top smartphones for about six months. The new version with the Plus prefix in the title has been specially developed for games, as well as work with 5G, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

In addition, the changes affected the graphics accelerator Adreno 640 – performance increased by 15%. Snapdragon 855 Plus should ideally fit gaming smartphones like the ones that ASUS and Razer produce.

Qualcomm promises that effective power consumption will allow the smartphone to hold out all day on a single charge device.

The first devices with Snapdragon 855 Plus will be released in the second half of this year. Perhaps the chip will appear in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Google Pixel 4.

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