Not “Prototype”, but it will come down: the Dutch university showed the station Hyperloop

Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) presented his vision of the station and train of the Hyperloop system. The team’s work will be shown on the Hyperloop Pod Competition, where enthusiasts present their vision of transport and infrastructure based on the idea of ​​Ilona Mask.

The university offered the station in bright colors with wood trim and plants. After leaving the station, the hatch will close to remove the pressure in the tunnel. Thanks to this, the Hyperloop train will be able to reach speeds of many hundreds of kilometers per hour.

Delft University of Technology is participating in the Hyperloop Pod Competition for the third time. In 2017, when they first appeared at the competition, the team immediately won. Now experts want to accelerate the Hyperloop trolley to the maximum possible speed in a 1.25 kilometer segment.

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