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New Agent 007 can be a black woman

According to media reports, the new agent 007 in Bond will be the actress who played in “Captain Marvel,” Lashana Lynch. Daniel Craig is not going anywhere, but in the story he resigned and therefore must hand over the case to the successor, who will receive his serial number.

Source The Daily Mail said that the film will beat the emergence of a new 007, and this scene should cause a wow-effect. “This is the Bond of the modern world for the new generation, ” he noted.

Internet users were outraged to hear the information, however there are those who fully support the appearance of black Lashana Lynch as a future agent 007. However, the accuracy of the information cannot be verified.

The director of the film, which still remains with a serial number in the title, is Cary Fukunaga, not Danny Boyle. The premiere of the new “Bond” will be held in April 2020. Earlier it was planned to start the show at the end of 2019, but later there were several transfers.

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