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Netflix cut the suicide scene from the series “13 reasons why” two years after the premiere

The authors of the series explained this with expert recommendations.

Netflix removed the scene of Hannah’s suicide by Catherine Langford from the 13 Reasons Why series. Service representatives explained that the changes were made on the advice of medical experts, reports Bi-bi-si.(BBC)

In the new edition of the first series missed a three-minute suicide episode. Now the assembly gluing goes to the moment when the parents of the heroine discover the body.

Netflix explained that they removed the episode, understanding about possible discussions around the series. Service representatives also said that the series helped young people talk about depression for the first time and start looking for a way out of this state.

The series “13 reasons why” talks about the reasons for the suicide of 17-year-old American schoolgirl Hannah. The series is an adaptation of the 2007 Jay Escher eponymous novel.

The series and the topics that he raises became the subject of public debate . Krovi criticized for the fact that he romanticizes suicide. The heroine’s suicide scene caused condemnation, since, according to experts, it was shot in too great detail and could become an instruction for potential suicides.

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