NASA told why Americans are still not on Mars

NASA administrator (one of the top positions in the agency) Jim Brydenstein said that he was holding back space exploration by the Americans. According to him, the problems stem from political risks – if it were not for them, a man’s foot would have now stepped onto Mars. The same applies to the return to the moon, which can happen in the foreseeable future.

Brydenstein said that in the 90s of the last century and in the early 2000s, the United States initiated projects to send astronauts to the natural Earth satellite, and also studied the issue of flight to Mars. However, they were not destined to be realized due to the duration of the programs and their high cost.

Earlier, Donald Trump lashed out at NASA because of the agency’s goal to be on the Moon as soon as possible. However, the situation has changed since then, Briidenstein said, – NASA and the American president have found a common language. But Trump’s main goal is to hoist the American flag on the Red Planet.

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