In SpaceX told why the capsule Crew Dragon exploded

The company SpaceX completed the next stage of the investigation of the incident that occurred in April of this year. Then on the test site during the launch of the engines of the ship Crew Dragon an explosion was recorded. The company said that following the smooth start of testing, “anomalies” had happened.

The reason turned out to be a faulty valve, due to which a fuel leak occurred and then a chain reaction occurred. It was she who led to the explosion. In SpaceX reported that the valves will be replaced with other components in future versions of the ship.

The company noted that the investigation was completed by 80%.

The design of the accelerator and the capsule, the report says, is designed in such a way that in real life, if a similar leak occurs, Crew Dragon will undock from the rocket and will go a safe distance on the accelerators.

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