George Martin on the new book on the Game of Thrones: “It will be ready when it is ready”

Resource Entertainment Weekly talked with George Martin about the last season of “Game of Thrones” and the timing of the release of a new book. Apparently, the fans of “Song of Ice and Flame” will have to be more patient than they already have.

The writer noted that there were also hints on the origin of John Snow in the book, but “only one reader out of a hundred noticed them.” Moreover, says Martin, before the advent of the Internet, people would be shocked by the plot, when such a secret is revealed. And now it is worthwhile for someone to compare the tips and share them on social networks or forums – the rest will be read, and wonders will not arise when reading.

Therefore, Martin says, he does not read fan forums: they say, if he sees that someone saw his hints, then there will be a temptation to change the story – and if you have a definite ending, you need to stick to it in spite of everything.

As for the last two books of the cycle “A Song of Ice and Flame,” they will have to wait long. George Martin noted that before the final season of the Game of Thrones, the publisher put a lot of pressure on him – they say, you need to release the book before the season premiere. But the writer is adamant: “I want to not only finish it, but also make it as good as possible.”

With the end of the series, Martin exhaled. They stopped pushing the writer, he works at his own pace: “I am writing a book. She will be ready when she is ready. ” Now Martin is busy creating the “Winds of Winter”, after which the last book of the cycle is scheduled – “Dreams about Spring”.

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