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French Minister resigned after a series of publications in the media about his expensive dinners at the expense of the budget

Francois de Ryuzhi said that journalists do not let him work calmly.

France’s Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, François de Rouge, resigned after a conflict with the Mediapart, BFMTV reported . According to the politician on Facebook, the media arranged for him to “lynch” after publications about the dinners, which he arranged for friends for budget money in 2017-2018.

Ryuzhi himself does not deny the fact of holding these dinners with lobsters and wine at 500 euros per bottle, but calls them informal business meetings. Mediapart wrote that the minister spent 63 thousand euros from the budget for repairs in the service apartment, and also illegally rented municipal housing at a reduced rate.

According to the minister, he cannot fulfill his duties because of the constant need to respond to attacks from the press. The media, according to de Ryuzhi, has been attacking him since last week on the basis of “stolen photographs” and “rumors”. The official added that he would file a defamation case with the Mediapart.

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