Citymobile launched in a test mode the sale of food inside cars. The driver can receive up to 70% from each purchase

Food suppliers – Mars and PepsiCo, they called participation in the project an experiment.

Snapshot of the press service “Citymobil”

Cityimobil will launch a food sales service in Moscow cars – special RideBar containers with Mars and PepsiCo products will be installed inside the taxi. In the test mode, already equipped 100 cars of partners of the comfort class company. TJ was told about this by the press service of Citymobil.

These containers sell drinks, chips, chocolate, chewing gum and other snacks. To buy food, you must enter the box number on the Ridebar website or scan a QR code and pay for the purchase online. In “Citymobil” clarified that the prices of products in a taxi are comparable to the prices in the supermarket.

Innovation will help the company to increase customer loyalty, according to Citymobil. For drivers, the new service will be an additional income – with each purchase they will receive from 25 to 70% of the value of the goods. Based on the test results, the company will decide whether to scale the project.

Before the service, the driver actually had no legal opportunity to additionally monetize his time on the line. Customer-oriented drivers had previously placed water and sweets in the salon, but they did not have the opportunity to collect a set of complementary goods and provide the passenger with a convenient and legal payment method for the driver.

Vasily Kruglov

RideBar founder:

Snapshot of the press service “Citymobil”

In Citymobil said that such services are already available in the United States, the United Arab Emirates and China. Yandex.Taxi believes that there is no need for such a service – premium users can use wet wipes, a sponge for shoes and get drinking water.

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