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Cellophane malachite, YouTube button for the city and the starry river: nine works of the festival Stenograffia-2019

From street artists from around the world.

The international graffiti festival Stenograffia first opened in Yekaterinburg in 2010, and over the following years became one of the largest and most famous in Russia among similar events. Its members have already created about 500 art facilities throughout Russia, bringing together more than 400 artists and volunteers.

In 2019, world-famous artists and friends of the festival gathered in Yekaterinburg. The organizers of Stenograffia told TJ about some of the outstanding works of this year.

Build bridges not wall’s

Authors: Benny Nast and the team Labor Fou, Germany

Where to search: Ekaterinburg, Kuznetsova, 2B

Photo Stenograffia 

The work of artists from Germany tells about the friendship of different cities and people living in them. The motto of this art object is “Build bridges, not walls”. In the same year, the SPEKTR team of authors will go to the Labor Fou to the festival in Düsseldorf – thus, the work also implies the fruitful communication of two events in different parts of the world.

In the picture is sewn the name of the neighbor boy Dima, who became friends with German artists. The child himself wrote his name on the sketch, and the authors reproduced it on the wall.

Dispersion number 5

Author: Artyom Stefanov , Moscow

Where to search: Shartashskaya, 9

Artyom has been involved in street art for more than 15 years, and over the years he has scattered his hypnotizing art in different parts of the world. In Yekaterinburg, even before the official start of the festival, the Moscow author, with the participation of Ilya Vysokosov, created a bright dispersion.

The dynamics of the glitch inside this art object allows you to catch the rhythm of the big city and surrender to its smooth flow.

We are not alone

Posted by: Fanakapan, United Kingdom

Where to search: Popova, 9

The London-based artist Fanakapan became the most mysterious and cosmic participant in the Stenograffia festival. The author of the hyper-realistic work does not show his face and argues that his personality and his art should be separated.

Fanakapan was inspired by Soviet Christmas decorations, after which he worked on the spot with reflections and transparency, inscribing the design over the gray wall.

Time contrasts

Author: Revenge , Yekaterinburg

Where to look: Lunacharsky, 87

From year to year, the Ural artist floods the city with his bright pattern.

Over the past two years, within the framework of the festival, the artist creates his works for the Night Gallery on kiosks – they can only be seen at night or in the early morning when the kiosk is closed and the blinds are lowered.


Posted by: Ampparito, Spain

Where to look: Redwood, 139

Spanish artist Ampparito loves to break reality by mixing web aesthetics and urban space. The author moved the YouTube button to the urban reality.

You can see it completely and without distortion only from one angle, but photos from it can fool friends who want to turn on the video.


Author : Danila Shmelev

Where to search: March 8, 8B

When Danila began to paint a ragged cellophane on the wall in Yekaterinburg, he used all five cans on the wall and the front paint. Looking at the work, he realized that in color it turns out very similar to malachite, associated with the Urals.

Plastic in his works reminds us that we live in a plastic world. And the holes – this is liberation, that is, work – in its own way a symbol of freedom from materialism and the need to buy something every day, as dictated by advertising.

No title

Posted by: Zesar, Spain

Where to look: Chemists, 4

The panorama of the city embankment in Yekaterinburg was replenished with two embracing women, drawn by Spanish artist Caesar. He often works with the topic of communication, trust and relationships between people. For Caesar, the key to understanding is the rejection of egoism, when you forget about yourself and open yourself up to everyone. This is what he wanted to show in his work.

Wall of angels

Authors: Maria Khardikova and Vyacheslav Belov, Rostov-on-Don

Where to search: March 8, 22/1

On the wall of the old semi-abandoned building, the authors put Donatello’s “Dancing Angels” relief, which seems to be voluminous from any angle.

Masha and Slava are engaged in the fact that their works “enliven” the abandoned spaces of the city – in their native Rostov, the artists were able to save the old building from demolition, placing their works on it and falling in love with the old wall of the city residents. All bruised, irregularities and chips on the wall became part of the picture.

Star River Ural

Authors: SPEKTR team

Where to search: Iset Embankment, EMII

In 2016, the festival lit about 400 stars in St. Petersburg in the Moika River. Then the organizers noted that the inhabitants of megacities are sick with “star failure”, and therefore the SPEKTR team decided to recreate the reflection of the starry sky in the river and in Yekaterinburg.

Everyone could throw his star into the city river – light construction made of foam plastic, fishing line, diode and weights. Volunteers, organizers and artists worked painstakingly on creating each star. After creating the star fabric, the LEDs were reassembled, Iset was not clogged.

Photos provided by the organizers of Stenograffia. Festival photo service: Dmitry Chabanov, Form 42 resident, Oleg Kovalyuk, Form 42 resident, Grigory Postnikov, Alexey Kolchin.

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