Belarus piracy promises to destroy by 2030

After eleven years in our country there is practically no pirated software. It is planned that the volume of the shadow sector will fall from the current $ 50-60 million to $ 10 million.

Such figures are given by the specialists of 1C-Bitrix. Now in Belarus, more than 80% of all software is without a license. But its share is gradually decreasing: about one percent per year. While some users become conscious and get used to paying for software, others simply choose free counterparts.

– Cyber ​​piracy in Belarus is gradually weakening. If the dynamics continue, then the total of illegal software will drop to $ 10 million by 2030, and this will be incomparable with the volume of the official market. Then it will be possible to say that the era of pirated software will end, ”says Polina Gankovich, director of the Belarusian office of 1C-Bitrix.

The Belarusian market of shadow software is much smaller compared to neighboring countries. For example, in Russia it is $ 1.29 billion, in Ukraine – $ 108 million, and in Kazakhstan – $ 62 million.

Following state and large private organizations, where losses due to pirated software may be too serious, medium and small businesses are interested in licensed software. In addition, private users also switch to the official software – the main migration will occur in the middle of the next decade, experts say.

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