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Alan Turing will be the face of a 50 pound British note

The legendary mathematician Alan Turing, who developed the theoretical basis for hacking the German coder Enigma, will appear on a note of 50 British pounds. Mathematics chosen from 1000 applicants from the scientific field. The Bank of England chose Turing, appreciating his role in the Battle of the Atlantic and the postwar persecution for homosexuality, which led to the scientist’s suicide.

“Alan Turing was an outstanding mathematician, whose work had a huge impact on how we live today, ” said Bank of England head Mark Carney. – As the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, as a war hero, he made a far-reaching and breakthrough contribution. Turing is a giant on whose shoulders many now stand.

Turing’s face will appear on a new £ 50 polymer bill in 2021, after a public consultation process.

Out of almost a thousand applicants for this role, 12 scientists entered the short-list voting. Among them were Stephen Hawking (popularizer of science), Ernest Rutherford (father of nuclear physics), Mary Anning (prominent paleontologist), James Clerk Maxwell (prolific physicist, mathematician and mechanic) and others. However, bankers warned that the choice of a white man for the image on a banknote could send a “devastating message that ethnic minorities are invisible.” But the petition demanding that a representative of an ethnic minority, signed by about 150,000 people, be placed on the banknote, was ignored.

– We want to present as best as possible all aspects of diversity in the country, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and so on. What we have today is the glorification of one of the greatest mathematicians and scientists in the United Kingdom. Not only in the history of our country, but also in world history.

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