12-year-old free-rider went through security at Heathrow and got on board British Airways

Heathrow Airport Police began an investigation into the comical and at the same time alarming security incident: a twelve-year-old boy from Holland was able to go through all the controls and get on a British Airways plane that was preparing to fly to Los Angeles.

The boy was alone and without a boarding pass. Attention was paid to him only by flight stewards, who asked for a ticket for the young passenger to take exactly his place. Then it turned out that the Dutchman had no coupon. Moreover, the boy refused to make contact with the crew and did not want to leave the plane. I had to call the police for help.

For security reasons, all passengers had to be driven through security checks again, because of which the flight was delayed for more than four hours.

Now the security service finds out where the boy came from and how he was able to go through all the stages of the checks. According to one version, the child was from a transit flight and just went to another gate – perhaps he wondered how far he could fly without a ticket.

London Heathrow – one of the busiest airports in the world, the annual passenger traffic exceeds seventy million people.

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