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The second wave of FaceApp: in social networks they again remembered the application, “aging” the person in the photo

The popularity came from where they did not expect: Galustyan, Samburskaya and Solovyov began to publish their pictures “at the age of”.

The second wave of FaceApp: in social networks they again remembered the application, “aging” the person in the photo
“Elderly” Elon Musk

In the middle of July 2019, you can stumble across images passed through the FaceApp application filters in Twitter or Instagram feeds. More specifically, through a filter “aging” the person in the photo. Unexpectedly, a new wave of application popularity in Russia was launched by TV stars: Mikhail Galustyan, Garik Kharlamov, TV anchor Vladimir Solovyov and commentator Georgy Cherdantsev.

A little help about FaceApp:

The application in 2017 created a native of “Yandex” Yaroslav Goncharov. At the same time, it first became popular in Russia because of the various masks with the addition of a smile, a change of sex and artificial aging. Some of the filters appeared much later in Snapchat.

We also noticed service in the West, but there FaceApp got into a scandal: the “add-on attractiveness” filter brightened the skin to black users.

In Russia, the stars published pictures without any common hashtag or mention of the service. At the same time, according to media reports, a few days earlier in the countries of the Middle East and Portugal, local celebrities began to use FaceApp en masse. Singers and actors with millions of subscribers showed the photo with the “old filter” – they did not use the others.

Some publications have marked the return of popularity of the Russian application as the “FaceApp Challenge”. In Instagram on this hashtag more than 5 thousand publications.

a few examples of how FaceApp works for those who have never come across an application before.

“Elderly” Dmitry Medvedev

“Elderly” Billy Aylish

“Elderly” Pavel Durov

“Elderly” Mark Zuckerberg

How to make an “old” photo in FaceApp

  • Download the app: you can also make a photo on the site , but only Facebook photos are available for selection;
  • In the Editor, find the “Age” setting, and there – the filter “Elderly”;
  • Another way is to find the “Old HD” filter in the Fun section;
  • The resulting result can be downloaded or placed on a collage with other filters. The watermark FaceApp is added to the photo.
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