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Report from social networks: Blackout in New York

During a massive power outage, people took to the streets of Manhattan and were joined by Broadway artists who canceled performances.

Report from social networks: Blackout in New York
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On the night of July 14, a large-scale power outage occurred in New York , due to which tens of thousands of people were left without electricity. Blackout has affected the work of traffic lights, street lighting, subways, trains, and elevators in shopping and office centers.

Electricity turned off in the western part of Manhattan – the area where the Times Square, the theater district and the Rockefeller Center are located. The unofficial symbol of the blackout was a night view of New York, where one half of the city lived as usual, while the other half plunged into darkness.

Dawn and part of the morning the inhabitants of Manhattan also met without electricity.

Because of the problems with electricity, we had to cancel several concerts, for example – the performance of Jennifer Lopez at Madison Square Garden. Some viewers shot the moment of turning off the sphere and music in the hall.

According to the authorities in New York, due to power outages, no one was hurt. The social networks praised for this primarily people who, on their own initiative, took to the streets to adjust traffic.

Also, residents of New York after the restoration of electricity began to recall their favorite stories of many hours of blackout. The journalist of The New York Time Emma Fitzsimmons told about a couple who had a wedding during a blackout. As a result, they left the building and “danced all night.”

But the main point of the blackout in New York was the act of Broadway artists. Due to problems with electricity in Manhattan, dozens of shows have been canceled, for which tickets have already been purchased. Therefore, the musicians just went out and gave a few free performances.

On that day, on Broadway, you could see excerpts of musicals, and choral singing, and symphony orchestra numbers.

Outside there was a line of people who wanted to get on our show, but could not. And we hate situations where we cannot give people what they came for.

Aaron Twite artist of the musical “Moulin Rouge”

We didn’t feel very good because people couldn’t see the show. Therefore, we decided to give them at least this special moment, a story that they could remember.

Van virenComes From Away

Light returned several times with varying success. Fully the situation was restored in the afternoon of July 14.

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