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Millions of parents keep an eye on children through Life360. They share tips on how to bypass the application and make memes about it in TikTok

Some even secretly download the application to their parents’ phones to monitor them.

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American parents started tracking children in real time using the Life360 app. Teenagers did not like it: they turned the service into a meme and began to share tips on circumventing the observation in TikTok. This was noticed in Wired.

How Life360 Works

Life360 is one of many digital monitoring applications. According to the company, at the end of 2018, the application had 18 million active users. The primary audience of Life360 is parents who want to always have access to the child’s whereabouts.

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The application works as an enhanced version of the Apple Find My feature, which allows users to share their location with friends or family. The service also keeps track of how fast the user moves and how many percent his phone is charged.

Studies show that raising children has become much more time consuming and energy-consuming, despite the fact that adolescents have less sex , less often go to parties , and a greater percentage of adolescents, compared with previous generations, abstain from drugs and alcohol . Life360 can make the process of raising a child easier, says the publication.

In a 2018 study , 58 percent of US parents admitted that they periodically or constantly read messages from their children, call logs, and the sites they visit. In another study in 2016, 16 percent of parents said they use location tracking applications.

Attitude of teenagers to the application

Children and teenagers told Wired that Life360 makes their lives more difficult and gives their parents too much information. One teenager was so anxious about his own story about Life360 that he asked to finish the interview.

Now I can not calmly go for ice cream or go to friends at home to say hello. Before my parents downloaded Life360, I did all these harmless things, without reporting to them. But now they have access to every step I take.18 year old girl from Florida

In addition to negative opinions, the publication received positive feedback on the application. A 21-year-old girl from California said that Life360 helps her feel safe. The application has a button that, when clicked, informs all family members that the user is in danger and needs help.

Some children have found a way to benefit from the application, quietly downloading it to their parents’ phones, to always know where they are. “After the birthday party, I took my mother’s phone to look at the photos, downloaded Life360 and hid it in a folder with other applications. Now I can quietly leave home and return before my mother arrives, ”the 17-year-old girl from Iowa shared her experience.

Chief Operating Officer David Rice said that, despite the apparent mass of dissatisfied children, most are not inconvenienced by the use of the application. Rice also said that open access to geolocation has become a common practice for modern families.

How to trick Life360

In TikTok, teens share ways to get around an application and complain that it complicates their lives.


One way to bypass the application is to turn off the power saving mode, wi-fi, and cellular communication. Life360 will show users your latest location before disconnecting the network.

Another way is to turn off wi-fi and cellular communication and in the settings of Life360 disable the application access to content update, cellular communication and camera. Users will see your latest location.


Children and teens facing the constraints of Life360 have turned the app into a meme.

One of the most popular publications on the # Life360 hashtag was a video with a photo of the company’s CEO Chris Hals and the popular YG song “Stop Snitchin” on TikTok, in which the whole text was converted to “informer, informer, informer, informer …”

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