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Assault on “Zone 51”: a million willing, memes, discussion of real chances and warnings of the US Air Force

The comic idea to rescue aliens from the base has become a large-scale Internet activity, which has already reached the military.

On September 20, 2019, the assault on “Zone 51”, an American military base famous for theories that the authorities keep UFOs and experiment on aliens, was appointed. How to find out the truth once and for all? Facebook decided that the best way is to run in a crowd to the object (after all, “they will not shoot everyone”) and see for themselves whether the aliens are there or not.

Of course, this is just a comic event, launched in social networks by a small meme-community. But every day the situation is increasingly out of control. To storm the base has already caused more than a million Facebook users. This is many times more than during the first material on this topic.

The assault on “Zone 51”: a comic Facebook offer to see aliens gained 275,000 supporters 

What initially was a local joke of a small group , has grown into one of the most large-scale Internet activities of the summer. The New York Times writes about a hypothetical assault , in social networks they come up with realistic plans for an attack on the base, and representatives of the US Air Force have to answer questions about a possible attack.

The main driving force of the movement with the assault on “Zone 51” is memes. They were published in the original Facebook meeting, where the idea of ​​a mass attack originated, but in two weeks the jokes filled Reddit and Twitter. Most often, users represent two developments of the situation: first, in reality, a couple of dozen people arrive at the storming of the base instead of a million, to the surprise of the guards in Nevada, a crowd of fans of aliens is really going.

For aliens

Millennials: “Let’s attack the” Area 51 “. 
Government knowing that aliens are based in the Arctic

Americans: “We will storm the” Zone 51 “, nothing will stop us.” 

If we successfully attack “Zone 51”, then we must change the name to “Zone 69”

Mark Zuckerberg sponsors the assault on “Zone 51” to save his father from imprisonment

Never ask a woman about age, a man about salary, and the government about what will happen on September 20

Protection of “Zone 51”, when only 16 people arrived at the base

How do I break into “Zone 51” – how do I leave it

I’m involved in activity for memes – A guy who really wants to challenge the government and is ready to die

Government: “It’s just a stupid meme, no one will come.” 
September 20:

The military guarding the “Zone 51” – I, burst into the “Zone 52”

In one variation of the jokes, users began to guess what awaits them inside the military base, which is actually a testing ground for reconnaissance aircraft.

When he took by storm “Zone 51” and found his father, who left 15 years ago

When I attacked Zone 51 and found a sock missing under a bed seven years ago.

On Twitter, popular bloggers joined the fun, supporting a comic idea of ​​storming a military base in Nevada.

So when do we storm Zone 51?

I will personally pay a million dollars to someone who gets me an alien from Zone 51.

You finally woke up. We tried to storm “Zone 51”, remember? Came straight to the ambush, like the rest

I send my alien from Zone 51 to a wine and liquor store

The newcomers are leaving the “Zone 51”

A separate mini-meme was a picture of an alien on the threshold of the room. In social networks, they imagined that this was an alien, whom they had taken from the base, and now he behaves like a child or a pet.

My stranger is watching me crying before bed

My stranger, whom I took from the “Zone 51”, wakes me up at three in the morning and asks how to use the microwave.

My newcomer from “Zone 51” asks for a password from WiFi

My stranger asks if he can play with other aliens who were also taken from Zone 51.

An alien I picked up from Zone 51 wakes me up at three in the morning and asks if I have games on my phone.

Despite the joke of the venture, as the creators of the Facebook page have repeatedly said, the plans for the assault became more realistic with each passing day. It all started with running in the style of Naruto and stones.

But now the plans are more “tactical.”

True, the forums dismantled the real chances of the attackers and came to the conclusion that they are simply not there, even if on September 20 a million supporters of a joke attack gathered around the base. Firstly, it is unlikely that any of them have experience in coordinating such a large army, and the tactic of “running ahead” will not give any advantages. Secondly, “Area 51” is clearly built so that, if necessary, keep a long defense or go underground.

Thirdly, on the most “bloody” day in the history of the United States, 23,000 people were killed on the territory of the country – this happened in the Battle of Entity during the Civil War. It is unlikely that the government will go to the new “records”, even to keep secrets about aliens.

All this – not counting the huge distances, complex terrain, several defense perimeters, hundreds of military and other factors that preclude the assault. At the same time, representatives of the USAF just in case warned that they were aware of the “assault” and would be ready for any “guests”.

“Area 51” is a training ground for the US Air Force, and we would not advise anyone to try to get into the area where we train our specialists. The USAF is always ready to defend America.

Laura Mcandrews US Air Force spokesman

Some publications issued ironic instructions on how to get to Nevada in September and where to stop there. And, it seems, not in vain: Connie West, the owner of the Little A’Le’Inn Hotel, not far from Zone 51, told the media that the phone was torn from the calls of potential guests. All questions – about September 20, 2019.

West added that she would not be surprised if someone really tried to enter the territory of a military base. But she hopes that this will not happen – yet the assault is better to remain just a meme.

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