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“A traveler in time from 2030” was a 16-year-old teenager. He exposed himself after online threats

The guy “predicted” the return of Britain to the EU and the flooding of California, but was tired of playing “this stupid character.”

Shot from Denis Bela video

Since 2017, a teenager from a popular conspiracy channel was impersonating Noah’s “time traveler from 2030,” and retellings of his “predictions of the future” fell into theheadings of tabloids and entertainment media. On July 13, in a video on a personal YouTube account, he revealed a real person and admitted that time travel is fake.

In fact, the 16-year-old teenager Denis Bel (Denis Bel) shot the commercials as a time traveler. Video with his character for two years scored millions of views on the channel ApexTV, which specializes in conspiracy, paranormal and mystical content. They publish clips of anonymous “time travelers,” claiming to know the truth about the future.

In the commercials, Noah said that he had arrived from 2030 and was stuck in the present tense because of the mistakes of his colleagues in the mission. He always appeared on camera with a blurry face and a changed voice – according to legend, the hero used to work for the government, but now he is hiding from him.

The character talked about the future presidents of the United States, the flooding of parts of America and the famine in Mexico due to global warming, the methods of the “time machine”, which looks like a little black cube. Noah passed a lie detector test and “predicted” the death of Stan Lee and Stephen Hawking on live broadcasts.

“The Time Traveler” Noah

At the beginning of 2019, Noah gave an interview to Mel, in which he constantly stumbled, contradicted himself and even forgot the date of his “birth” – according to legend, the hero was born in 2012, and began traveling through time in 2028.

Can’t believe I’m shooting this video now. It is an absolute madness that I really write it down and admit everything. It’s been a long time, my goodness.

Hello everyone, my name is Denis, and I am the time traveler Noah, a popular character who once appeared on the Internet.

Denis bel”time traveller”

Bel said that ApexTV representatives turned to him when he was 14 years old, and offered money for filming time travel fake videos.

While the “time traveler” gained popularity, netizens tried to uncover the personality of the character. In 2018, the Weird Entertainment Network channel found a video on an ApexTV account with Bel’s face, and then discovered his personal page on YouTube.

After that, Bel began to receive threats from users who opposed his conspiratorial clips. The teenager deleted his personal account on YouTube, where he laid out his vlogs, as he was flooded with negative comments complaining about fake videos from ApexTV.

I can no longer play the role of this stupid character. I need to get rid of the threat hanging over me, because of which I fear exposure

.Denis bel”time traveller”

Bel explained that the representative of ApexTV tried to force his parents to enter into a non-disclosure agreement, according to which the teenager could never tell about his real identity: “I know that ApexTV will go mad when he sees the video, because they understand that I’m all here I will expose. “

At the end of the video, Bel apologized to everyone who believed in fake videos and said he wanted to be a regular blogger. At the time of this writing, YouTube has removed the video from the teenager’s channel at the request of ApexTV as the copyright holder.

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