Unexpected iOS 13 bug allows you to see all your passwords

Reddit users found a bug in the beta version of iOS 13, which allows you to view saved passwords without authorization by Touch ID or Face ID.

To repeat the error you need to perform a few simple steps:

1. Open Settings 
2. Go to Passwords and Accounts section 
3. Click on the Site and Software Passwords item . After the confirmation window by Touch ID or Face ID appears, click Cancel .

The last item should be repeated about 20 times. You need to do everything quickly, especially on an iPhone or iPad with a Face ID.

The bug is present in iOS 13 Beta 2 and 3 for developers, as well as in iOS 13 Public Beta 2. But it does not work for all users .

Apple has already been informed about this error. It will probably be fixed in the next beta. [Reddit ]

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