Scarlett Johansson said she should be able to play anyone. Even an animal or tree

The actress spoke about the trend for politically correct casting in Hollywood.

Scarlett Johansson for the magazine As If Photos As If

Scarlett Johansson gave a great interview to As If magazine. One of the topics of conversation turned out to be politically correct casting, which, according to the actress, sometimes becomes “uncomfortable”.

As an actress, I should be able to play any person, tree or animal. Because it is part of my work and its requirements.

Scarlett Johansson in an interview with As If

The actress noted that political correctness in casting is becoming a trend in Hollywood. According to her, this is justified for various social reasons, but sometimes leads to restrictions on which art should be free.

I think society would be more cohesive if we would just let others experience their feelings and not expect everyone to feel the same as we do.

Scarlett Johansson in an interview with As If

In 2016, Johansson faced criticism because of her role in the movie “Ghost in Armor” based on Japanese manga. Users in social networks and activists believed that the role was worth giving Asian. However, according to Johansson, any actress could embody the heroine Motoko Kusanagi.

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