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In New York, there was a massive outage, which affected 72,000 residents

Blackout coincided with the anniversary of the famous accident in 1977.

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On the night of July 14, Manhattan and the Upper West Side were left without electricity for several hours. Due to the disconnection, urban transport stopped working partially, and traffic jams started on the roads due to inactive traffic lights. This was reported by CNN with reference to the energy company Con Edison.

According to the channel, many residents are stuck in elevators and trains. The famous billboards in Times Square also went out because of the blackout.

CNN’s producer was in the cinema during a power outage. He explained that the traffic is difficult, so most of the residents moved around the city on foot.

Blackout also interrupted Broadway. But several artists decided to perform on the street.

After a few hours the electricity supply was restored. Residents greeted with shouts and applause.

The 2019 blackout occurred on the anniversary of the biggest accident in 1977. Then on the evening of July 13, the city turned off the electricity for more than a day. During this time, more than 1,500 stores were robbed in New York, and the amount of damage ranged from $ 300 million to a billion.

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