How to control Apple TV 4 from iPhone or iPad

I can not find an application for conveniently managing the Apple TV set-top box.

To control the Apple TV set-top boxes, you can use the Apple branded application. You can download it in the App Store for free .

The application is designed to purchase content, view available video, set up a playlist.

In order to directly control the playback of the movie or series, the application is not required. The control panel for Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K is already integrated in the mobile iOS operating system .

1. Go to Settings – Control Point – Configure Element. It is governed Ia.

2. Add the Apple TV Remote switch to the list .

3. Open the control panel and click on the new switch.

4. Select an available prefix and enter a confirmation code.

Now the Apple TV remote control will be available in the switch blind.

For convenience, go to Settings – Notifications – Apple TV Keyboard and allow the admission of notifications for the application. So if you need to enter text on the console, the corresponding request will appear on the smartphone. The text can be entered from the iPhone’s on-screen keyboard, which is much more convenient than typing through the remote control.

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