A Chinese startup has created an application on neural networks to track lost dogs on a snapshot of the nose.

As it turned out, the noses of animals are quite unique – the recognition accuracy reaches 95%.

Startup Megvii, which develops face recognition systems for the Chinese government, has created a service for finding lost dogs. To operate the system, it is enough to remove the pet’s nose. The application drew attention to the site Abacus News.

To find a dog, you first need to register the dog’s ky nose print in the database: for this you need to take a picture of the animal’s face from different angles. After that, in case of loss of a pet, the finder will be enough to scan his nose to find the owner.

As noted by the developers of the application, the noses of the dogs turned out to be about as unique as the fingerprints of people. Megvii claims that the service works with 95% accuracy and has already helped 15,000 owners return the pets.

This is not the first service that allows you to search for animals using face recognition technology. At the end of 2018, the United States launched Finding Rover, a service for searching for missing cats and dogs.

However, as noted in Megvii, their application in China can be used not only for searching for lost animals. Representatives of the startup noted that given the relationship with the government, the service can be introduced to track “uncivilized dog breeding.”

Residents can be obliged to bring the dogs into the application and then the authorities will be able to fix the citizens who do not clean up after the animals or walk them without leashes in public places. For such violations in China imposefines.

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